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Communication and a bottom-up approach can solve most challenges that occur in Agri-Environmental Projects – sharing the findings of Baltic Compass and Baltic Compact.

The EU-Projects Baltic Compass and Baltic Compact developed a communication concept for bottom-up project planning and for the improvement of farmer´s involvement in agri-environmental projects and policy.

Information on bottom-up organisation and communication was gathered at project, implementation and policy-making level via:

1)Case studies
2)Literature reviews
4)Questionnaires conducted with Baltic Sea region farmers

The Baltic Communication Navigator for Agri-Enviro-Solutions provides a navigation tool that gives access to these findings in a structured way.

Here we have transferred the information from Baltic Communication Navigator in order to make the information long lasting and reachable for farmers/advisors through Copedia.

The project timeline includes a step-by-step guide to planning an agri-environmental project.

Each step for planning your project is described, with an explanation of a communication challenge you will face, followed by solutions to overcome these challenges.

Communication solutions may be methods, tools or useful tips, many can be applied to more than one step and communication challenge.

Navigate by clicking step 1 of the project planning timeline, and working through step-by-step. Alternatively start with the step most relevant to you.