The Rural Council is a non-profit, party-political, neutral interest organization - a Non-Government Organization (NGO) - for nationwide associations and organizations that can support our mission.
The Rural Council's mission is to be a practical expert in gathering, sharing and communicating knowledge and experience for the benefit of rural and peripheral areas.

Our values:

- Dedicated
- Committed
- Proper
- Independent
- Participatory

 Our goal:

In 2020, the Rural Council will be the country's most important base for and communicate relevant and up-to-date knowledge about rural areas and peripheral areas as well as being a recognized partner among all actors.
The Rural Council will be the link between decision-makers and citizens with an interest in continuing development and improvement of framework conditions and local culture.
The Rural Council will be a natural part of the legislative and regulatory work on framework conditions in rural areas and peripheral areas, as well as being represented in relevant commissions and committees.
The Rural Joint Council will be a preferred partner among a diverse and growing group of organizations, companies, government agencies, associations and villages that will experience the benefits of membership.
The Rural Council will ensure a high level of activity via a solid economy created by means of member income, project activities, fixed public contributions and income-covering activities