Type of project: 
Case Study
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What is this project about?: 

The communication and argumentation for broadband and thus for an investment in the future is similar in Southern Denmark and Schleswig-Holstein.
Both in Germany and in Denmark citizens demand a fast internet connection in rural areas. In some places, however, citizens still need to be convinced of broadband expansion. The case study therefore develops and tests a communication concept to promote acceptance. Different approaches also lie in the technical infrastructure and the financing of broadband promotion. A German-Danish partnership enables an exchange of experience. Here a joint strategy can be developed. Such an exchange of experience leads to the avoidance of possible negative effects.
The following questions are central to the exchange of experience:
- What is the approach in each other's countries?
- How are problems dealt with in the other country?
- What experiences have already been made?
The cross-border exchange is intended to generate new ideas and communication strategies which can then be applied..