Art der Methode: 
Beschreibung der Methode: 

A project that progresses upward from the lowest levels, that is controlled or directed from the lowest levels. (JONES 2014: 5)

Bottom-up Projektstruktur

Ein Projekt, das von den untersten Ebenen nach oben fortschreitet, das von den untersten Ebenen aus kontrolliert oder gesteuert wird. (JONES 2014: 5)

Bottom-up projektstruktur

Et projekt, som skrider fremad fra de nederste niveauer opad, som kontrolleres eller styres fra de nederste niveauer af. (JONES 2014: 5)


WP3 meeting March 7th, 2017:
The operational level has crucial knowledge which should be used when making decisions; in top-down systems this knowledge might be wasted. Operational-level knowledge may cover:
 local conditions
 local and implementation challenges
 practical applications
In bottom-up systems this knowledge is used to define project aims and to make important decisions. In this way, the most regionally, locally and practically suitable solutions are reached.