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Method toolbox is the collection of participation and communication methods and forms the basis for the contents of the project planning school. The Method Toolbox is designed as a one-pager as well as a box and it showcases four phases of project development. In an intercultural context, project development can be quite challenging because of different mindsets, communication barriers and difference in work structures and methods. It is difficult for effective project planning and development to occur if there is not effective communication within the project. Hence, a method toolbox (see attached image) was developed by LLUR in collaboration with SDU, which helps facilitators develop a project right from the beginning by considering various aspects of project development at each stage, with the help of various methods and tools that can help develop a project. From the beginning stage of a project until its closure and evaluation, project development is divided into four phases in the method toolbox. Moreover, the characteristics, possibilities and challenges in each of these phases, and the role and focus of the facilitator, various competences the facilitator should have, the tasks of the facilitator in each stage and a collection of tools and methods that help the facilitator develop the project processes in each stage are included in the toolbox. The method toolbox was distributed to people who are involved in rural development at a German-Danish festival organized by the project Benefit4Regions in Tüdal, in May 2019. A printable version of the toolbox is available here (see attachment) and can be self- assembled.