Type of project: 
Case Study
Involved Institutions: 

Kreis Plön
Kreis Rendsburg-Eckernförde
Sönderborg Kommune
Landdistrikternes Fallesrad

What is this project about?: 

The case study "accessibility" deals with two parts which helps to get a mutual understanding about similarities and differences of general rural development structures and components in germany and denmark:

1.) General exchange of knowledge towards rural development in context of the term "accessibility" (frameworks & structures, self-definition of "accessibility") 

- Short desciption of the general situation of rural areas in both countries (demograhy, change of structures, migration/urbanization, loss of infrastructure, future challenges towards social services and mobility, importance of stakeholder and citizen participation)

- Comparison of general administration structures and development approaches (centralized/decentralized) to create development basics (strategies, plans and concepts)

- Self-definition of the term "accessibility" (area of importance "social services & mobility", communication processes, learn processes, space & time)

>> This exchange of knowledge was generated inside the case study group as a collegial consultation.


2.) Development of a general "regional development model" based on the definition of "accessibility" which could help collaborateurs to structure and plan processes. This orientation could help developer on the local as well as the regional and international level to get a deeper understanding of different challenges und circumstances.

- Learn and acting processes build a theoretical as well as a general base for efficient collaboration processes. Therefor both processes are mutual and could be defined in every step of a processes by the collaborateurs

- The different categories which helps to structure and plan those processes as well as to define the degree of learn and acting within specific topics like mobility or digitalisation are "self-aid/advanced education", "communication/Information", "theme/project development" and "project implementation"

>> This exchange of knowlegde was generated inside the case study group as a collegial consultation

>> the regional development model was the base to interview the head of local municipalities in Kreis Plön to build a bridge to their understanding of "accessibility" and to get an idea of their local situation and those impacts for the regional situation (f.e. thematic priorities and responsibilities).