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Description of the method: 

Trust can be defined as the firm belief in the reliability, truth or ability of someone or something. (Oxford Dictionary, (n.d.).


Vertrauen kann definiert werden als der feste Glaube an die Zuverlässigkeit, Wahrheit oder Fähigkeit von jemandem oder etwas. (Oxford Wörterbuch, (n.d.).


Tillid kan defineres som den faste tro på tilforladeligheden, sandheden eller evnen fra en eller noget. (Oxford Wörterbuch, (n.d.).

Description, characteristics:

In B4R context, it refers to the trust between project partners and members.
From B4R Framework document ‘Communication framework document’:
Trustful relationship between actors helps prevent misunderstanding and improve communication.
Trust and familiarity improves communication since it helps in order to understand each other and their reactions better.
Face-to-face contact improves familiarity between people, which helps increase trust.