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Vision is an idea or mental image of something. View of the future. The ability to imagine how something could develop in the future, or the ideas that come from imagining in this way. (Cambridge Dictionary, 2019)


Vision ist eine Idee oder ein mentales Bild von etwas. Blick in die Zukunft. Die Fähigkeit, sich vorzustellen, wie sich etwas in der Zukunft entwickeln könnte, oder die Ideen, die aus der Vorstellung auf diese Weise entstehen. (Cambridge Wörterbuch, 2019)


Vision er en ide eller et mentalt billede af noget. Syn ind i fremtiden. Evnen til at forestille sig, hvordan noget i fremtiden vil kunne udvikle sig eller ideerne, som på denne måde opstår, i forbindelse med forestillingen. (Cambridge ordbog, 2019)

Description, characteristics

B4R,Connie, 7th February, 2019:
Vision translates to:
• Where are you going?
• What you want the organization to be; your dream.
In the context of B4R, the vision statement of B4R can be defines as an aspirational statement of what B4R aims to achieve or would want to look like in the future. This would help the project choose its course of action in order to achieve the aim.
The vision statement of B4R is as follows:
“Vital danish and german rural areas collaborate for a sustainable future, making use of their SMARTER opportunities”